I don’t care who you fucking think you are
If a kid wants to show you something they’re proud of, you better fucking act impressed
I don’t care if it’s a small score on a video game or a piece of art made of nothing but blue paint or even a fucking fake burp
You better fucking act like you just saw Jesus materialize out of thin air.

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things life is too short for:
- hating yourself
- pretending to laugh at “jokes” that are actually just bigoted statements
- not singing along to your favorite songs
- waiting hours to text someone back just to look cool
- bad coffee
- bad books
- mean people
- body shaming
- letting other people dictate your life

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Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up. I’ve seen it. It’s fascinating.

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im going to start a facebook fight on a one direction fan page


what have you done

you just found yourself in a war. is it flight or fight?

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Anonymous said: im 13 and im going to a party tomorrow but i don't know what to drink

Then I was like:




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I had to go find this again because of the dress code announcement today.